The premiere Academy in Alaska for Cirque, Gymnastics, and Parkour


Premium training to help our clients build elite strength & skill, quickly, efficiently, and effectively.


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We help our students master bodyweight strength & skills through beginner to elite level training in a positive, focused, and optimistic environment.

And they’re building strength and skill they never even realized was possible!


We provide premium coaching in small group training, differentiated instruction, and individualized curriculum and development for :

Cirque Aerial Arts

Men’s Gymnastics

Bodyweight Strength & Skill

We specialize in TRANSFORMATIONAL training for ages 8 through Adult so that our Clients and Students can become the strongest, most powerful versions of themselves. This culminates in our:

1. Men’s Gymnastics & Parkour Team

2. Cirque Performance Team

3. Coach Apprenticeship Program

Our students are absolutely crushing it!

And they’re having fun doing it too!

Mastery Training Programs

10-Level Certification Programs for Calisthenics, Tumbling/Parkour, Powermoves, and Cirque

Athlete to Coach Certification Program for Each Discipline of Study

Accelerated Competition and Performance Teams

“I am witnessing a community being built that no other gym can match. Everyone here, young and old, is after progress, and everyone is making progress and having fun doing so. I watch children, teens, and adults make advancements in strength, technique, and confidence…including myself.”

– Brendan, Athlete

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