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Plus 2022 Summer Tournament

A fun, family-friendly tournament for ALL disciplines of movement!


Comp Date June 26

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Who is it for?

Workout Enthusiasts, Crossfitters, Obstacle Racers, Dancers, Martial Artists, Rock Climbers, Acrobats, and anyone who enjoys a fun, encouraging environment and positive challenges.

Questions? Text/SMS (256)-567-5256


1st, 2nd, 3rd Awards

Pacific Rim Athletics Headquarters
Eagle River, Alaska
June 26, 2022

12pm Checkin & Open Gym Warmup
12:30pm Competition
4pm Competition Finished

Ages & Levels:
Children 7-12
Teens 13-17
Adults 18-35
Masters 35+
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

FREE +1 for competitor
$3 for each additional spectator (at door)

How does it work?

There are 6 divisions:

5 Elements Routine Divisions

(perfect for breakdancers, gymnasts, dancers, crossfitters, obstacle racers, workout enthusiasts, martial artists)

“Cirquerun” Obstacle Race

Routine Divisions

How to Win?

  • Chose a Division
  • Do 10 moves in 60 seconds linked together smoothly
  • Simple 10 point scoring system
  • 3 friendly judges
  • No Falls, Flops, or Faceplants = no loss of points
  • No mis-steps or loss of balance = no loss of points
  • Masterful Speed, Power, and Creativity = BONUS points

🥇🥈🥉 Choose 1, some, or all of the Divisions below to compete in.
🏆 Player with the most points from all Divisions wins the CASH Grand Prize.

Handstand Division

Any handstand variations. Beginner can do knee supports (like frog stands). Intermediate freestanding only. Advanced on handstand canes.

Example:  Masters 35+ Advanced Level

Ninja Strength Division

(plus Online Example)

You can CHOOSE any of the divisions below. This is just for Ninja Strength done on the bar.  Other divisions you don’t even need any equipment for.  Do any or all the divisions.  Just upload to YouTube and send the link(s) to lee@pacificrimathletics.com with specification of your division/level/age

Example:  Masters 35+ Intermediate Level

Any strength movements on bar like Pullups, Muscle Ups (and variations), Planches, etc. No swinging, no giants. Beginner no launches over the bar. Intermediate can do launches over the bar or between 2 bars. Advanced can do any twisting or flipping.

Example:  Teen Advanced Level

Powermoves Division

At least 1 skill from Handstands, No-Run Flips (from standing or static roundoff), and Powermoves (Flares, Airflares, etc.). Beginner must use hands for all skills. Intermediate can do any twisting or flipping. Advanced can do double twisting and/or double flipping.

Example:  Children’s Beginner Level

Freerun Division

At least 1 skill from Floor, Wall, Drop, and Vault. Beginner must use hands for all skills. Intermediate can do any hands-free twisting or flipping. Advanced can do double twisting and/or double flipping.

Example:  Teen Advanced Level

Aerial Arts Division

Choose between Silks, Hoop, or Straps. Beginner no inverted drops. Intermediate can do any type of drop. Advanced can do big swings and giants.

Example:  Teen Intermediate Level

Cirquerun Obstacle Race

  • On-site only (no online submissions)
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Kids, Teens, Adults
  • Any level
  • SECRET Obstacles (shown only at race)
  • Surprise elements from all 5 Elements of Powerbatics
  • Vaulting
  • Jumping
  • Climbing
  • Tons of fun
  • Falls don’t count against you.
  • Best time wins.
  • Come see how well you can do!!!