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2021 Valiant Powerbatics Workshop & Competition

The ULTIMATE Bodyweight Strength & Skills Event...for all ages & any level (only 100 spots)

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$300 Grand Prize
1st, 2nd, 3rd Awards

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Pacific Rim Athletics Headquarters
Eagle River, Alaska
November 20, 2021

9am Workshop
10am Checkin & Open Gym
10:30am Competition - finished

Ages & Levels:
Ages 8 to Adult (younger welcome if a PRA student)
Beginner, Advanced, Valiant

Spectators & Workshop:
FREE +1 for competitor
$5 for each additional spectator (at door)
$5 Workshop

How does it work?

There are 6 divisions:

“Cirquerun” Obstacle Race

5 Elements Routine Divisions
(perfect for breakdancers, gymnasts, dancers, crossfitters, obstacle racers, workout enthusiasts, martial artists)

Cirquerun Obstacle Race

  • Beginner-friendly
  • All ages 8+ to adult
  • Any level
  • SECRET Obstacles (shown only at race)
  • Surprise elements from all 5 Elements of Powerbatics
  • Vaulting
  • Jumping
  • Climbing
  • Tons of fun
  • Falls don’t count against you.
  • Best time wins.
  • Come see how well you can do!!!

Routine Divisions

10 moves, 60 seconds, linked together smoothly

How to Win?

  • 8 point max for Beginner
  • 9 point max for Advanced
  • 10 point max for Valiant
  • No Falls, Flops, or Faceplants = no loss of points
  • Super Fluid (no missteps) = no loss of points
  • Masterful Speed, Power, and Creativity = earn points

🥇🥈🥉 Choose 1, some, or all of the Elements below to compete in.
🏆 Player with the most points from all Divisions wins the Grand Prize.

Handstand Rockstar

Element 1 Handstand:
Any handstand variations. Beginner can do knee supports (like frog stands). Advanced freestanding only. Valiant on handstand canes.

Ninja Strength

Element 2 Ninja Strength:
Any strength movements on bar like Pullups, Muscle Ups (and variations), Planches, etc. No swinging, no giants. Beginner no launches over the bar. Advanced can do launches over the bar or between 2 bars. Valiant can do any twisting or flipping.

Powermoves Master

Element 3 Powermoves Master:
At least 1 skill from Handstands, No-Run Flips (from standing or static roundoff), and Powermoves (Flares, Airflares, etc.). Beginner must use hands for all skills. Advanced can do any twisting or flipping. Valiant can do double twisting and/or double flipping.

Freerun Samurai

Element 4 Freerun Samurai:
At least 1 skill from Floor, Wall, Drop, and Vault. Beginner must use hands for all skills. Advanced can do any hands-free twisting or flipping. Valiant can do double twisting and/or double flipping.

Cirque Superhero

Element 5 Cirque Superhero:
Choose between Silks, Hoop, or Straps. Beginner no inverted drops. Advanced can do any type of drop. Valiant can do big swings and giants.

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