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Alaska Retreat & Workshop

Dear Pacrimian,

You’re invited!

This summer we are looking forward to hosting a Special Retreat at HQ in Alaska.

When is it?

It will be on June 27-29, 2024.

Who does it include?

We are opening it up to everyone in the Pacrimian universe.

  1. All students (gym & online)
  2. Email subscribers
  3. SMS community members
  4. Your family and friends

What is happening?

  • Thursday 430-730pm Workshop
  • Friday 300-600pm Workshop & Level Test
  • Saturday 900-1200pm Workshop

How does it work?

We would love to see you there.

Workshop attendees get a FREE shirt.

Early registration expires April 5.

  • Gym Students: Free
  • Team Students: required to attend
  • Online Students: 400 early, 500 regular
  • Workshop Fee 500 early, 600 regular

This is the Intro Price for this year’s event.  Next year it will increase, so book now.

What should you do now?

We would love to see you!

PLEASE SMS or EMAIL with one of the following

  1. Gym Current Enrolled
  2. Team Currently Enrolled
  3. Online Currently Enrolled
  4. Non-Student

REPLY TODAY via SMS or EMAIL with a 1, 2, 3, or 4.  Let us know NOW so we can reserve your spot.  Thanks!

See You On The Inside,
Coach Lee

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Lee Weiland, CEO

➤ Co-Founder, Owner Pacific Rim Athletics
➤ Creator Powerbatics
➤ 3,927+ Transformed Students
➤ Coach Ninja Strength, Power, Cirque, Freerun, Handstand
➤ Masters in Teaching and Curriculum and Development
➤ Masters in Theology and Philosophy
➤ Teacher: Art, Math, Language Arts, History, Special Education, Physical Education up to University Level
➤ Former Competitive Athlete, 2 Black Belts, Acrobat
➤ United States of America Gymnastics Certified Coach
➤ World Federation of Parkour and Freerunning Certified Instructor
➤ World Calisthenics Organization Certified Instructor
➤ International Sports Science Association Certified Personal Trainer

Alexis Weiland, CFO, MS-CCC-SLP

➤ Co-Founder, Owner Pacific Rim Athletics
➤ 3,927+ Transformed Students
➤ Coach Cirque Aerial Arts, Acrobatics, Flexibility, Adult Transformation
➤ Masters in Communication Sciences and Disorders
➤ Speech Language Therapist for schools and hospitals
➤ Former competitive athlete and dance performer
➤ United States of America Gymnastics Certified Coach
➤ World Federation of Parkour and Freerunning Certified Instructor

Helping people since 1996.

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