The 3 Components of COMPLETE Strength

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The Foundation of Powerbatics consists of 3 main components.  Body composition, the 3 Basic Strength Techniques (press handstand, v stand, and muscle up), and the roadmap for building these 3 Basics of Foundation.

The first is body composition.

What are you, quite literally, made of?

What is your input?

What do you breathe, see, eat, consume, and feel physically, mentally, and relationally?

What is your output?

Your training, time management, work, life, habits, lifestyle?

What is your rest?

Your sleep type, your patterns of rest, daily, weekly, monthly, annually?

Once you establish what they are currently and then investigate what they SHOULD be…

Along with establishing your goals…

You can then design a Gameplan to bridge the gap.

Which 2-day certs and diy programs just can’t do and leads to 90% failure rates.

But which committing to Coaching and a positive Community will increase the success rate to 95%.

This then leads to the second component.

Which is your fundamental physical training.

There are 3 goals that every human being should have for their strength.

The first is a press handstand.

This is primal.

It is a first order goal.

Part of your basic foundation.

It is pushing your own body up overhead.

And pressing the earth away from you.

It is totally independent from anything else.

And it is a true measurement of how strong you, alone, with nothing else, are.

The second is core strength, using the V Stand.

It is simply sitting on the ground and using nothing but your core to lift yourself into the strongest of all geometric shapes, the triangle.

This is also the 2nd handstand angle of the 6 basic handstand angles in the 5th Element of Powerbatics:  Handstand.

And the flexibility, mobility, and strength required of the transversus abdominis, rectus abdominis, lower back, hamstrings, and rectus femoris help to mobilize and protect the spine like nothing else can.

The third movement is your first basic pulling strength.

It is the muscle up and, like the press handstand, it requires the entire body to work in conjunction.

And with the press handstand, it completes almost the entire range of strength of the shoulder, one of the most commonly injured joints on humans.

It is not by any means a skill, but simply the strength of the shoulder and it’s connective tissue and nearby muscle chain.

You should build all 3 of these basics of Foundation through a variety of progressions and under the guidance of proper biomechanical coaching.

And finally, the third component of Foundation is the Roadmap for building the Press Handstand, V Stand, and Muscleup, plus the rest of Foundation, and then even going further into Next Level and competition, and performance.

This Roadmap is the development of long term vision and focus that is one of the most profound aspects of Powerbatics Foundation training.

Building just one of these 3 Basics, Press Handstand, V Stand, Muscleup, let alone all three, will completely change your mindset and force a person to embrace positivity and build patience, without which long term goals are simply never achieved.

But with positivity and patience, you can completely change your future, both physically, mentally, and more.

And then you have a solid Foundation for routines, competition, performance, and ultimately, lifelong health.

And that’s where we’re headed in the next video, which covers in detail the 1st basic of Powerbatics Foundation, the Press Handstand, and if you want to start training, click any of the links, and we’ll see you soon.

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