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What is Powerbatics?

Deriving from the Greek stem βαίνω (baínō).

To go.  To step forward.  To ascend.

Combined with the word “power” from the French.

Meaning “the ability to do something in a particular way, especially as a faculty or quality.”


Which is, at its heart, the quest for powerful movement…and sustaining it for life.

It seeks to transcend the patterns of this world.

And to transform individuals into the most powerful versions of themselves.

All ages.  Either gender.  All levels.

When curriculum, institutions, and principalities in high places…

Along with traditional sports, mainstream gymnastics, and recreational activities leave…

98% quitting before they ever even make it to advanced

And “retired” by their late teens with 40% leaving due to multiple injuries…

Plus 80% of the population with an unhealthy BMI starting in childhood and even worse, packing on after childhood sports are all done…

And then 80% of the population with back pain and joint pain…

Because most mainstream quote-un-quote working out or sports leave their connective tissue as brittle as a dried twig after an Alaskan winter

And then 70% with an unrealistic and unhealthy body image…

And I’m sure you can think of multiple sources of these millions of doctored photos floating all over the ether

Not to mention 70% going to their grave early from chronic disease…

Because food charts are completely donkey backwards

And 99% not achieving their maximum potential…

What could be, if there was a new way

Powerbatics seeks to rise above those that would otherwise sabotage your life, health, and future.

Big Pharma, Big Education, and Big Fitness.

When 2-day certs are still the norm…

Tax funded education leaving kids with more anxiety than the institutionalized patients of the 1950’s…

Pills and passive treatments prescribed to get you just healthy enough to get back to the office…

Traditional sports leaving former athletes broken mentally and physically by their adult years…

And workouts leaving people in puddles on the gym mats doing sweat angles without even the basics like Press Handstands, V Stands, or Muscle Ups…

Not to mention Elite level strength and skill which should be the norm considering we live such long lifespans.

The boat must not only be rocked…it must be sunk.

Powerbatics takes the practitioner to a whole New Level.

To training…

Goal oriented, skills based…


Training toward mastery of bodyweight strength and skill that can no doubt be achieved by any child, teenager, or serious adult willing to do a little each day, same as you take your vitamins or brush your teeth, and keep stacking on top of that month by month and year by year.

For you see, powerbatics combines the discipline of martial arts, the strength and skills of acrobatics, and the art of dance and cirque…

To help kids, teens, and adults completely rewire and rebuild their bodies and minds to excellence of strength, movement, and health.

And it begins with Foundation…

The reconstructing of the body, so to speak…

With a goal of healthy body composition…

Press Handstand as basic pushing strength…

V Stand as basic core strength…

And Muscle Up as basic pulling strength…

Then we go to the Next Level with Element number 1…

Ninja Strength.

Here is where you learn 10 unique positions designed to build total body, gravity defying strength.

Pushing, pulling, and core, all of which in inversion, balance, or suspension.

So that you can move with power in any direction.

And then comes adding power, which is Element number 2.

Powermoves Master.

This takes all the positions of Ninja Strength and puts them into motion.

Any time speed or movement is added is where injury occurs, so flexibility is a crucial component of training.

And eventually, you’re able to connect all of the ways your body is designed to move and do it with speed and power.

Then comes adding apparatus, which is Element number 3.

In Cirque, you’ll take the skills built in Powertricks and put them into 3 apparatus:  the Silks, Hoop, and Straps.

This allows you to fly sky high with skill.

And if you take all of the preceding positions, strength, and skill, and put them into ballistic flight…

You will have Element number 4.


Overcoming all obstacles and moving in all directions.

And then you apply that to the 5 Components of Freerun:  the floor, wall, drops, vault, and hangs.

And finally, we return to our Foundation.

Which is also our Retirement.

And quest for lifelong health.

Element number 5.

Handstands on Demand from All Angles.

Which we can continue to pursue as we move forward in life.

And sustain for our tendons, ligaments, bones, muscles, and mind.

And this is POWERBATICS.

Where at any age, gender, or level, you can continuously find something new to master and a brand new ways each day to continue training and taking your life, health, and strength to a whole new level.

And it doesn’t end there, but continues into performance, and competition.

Positive, healthy events that value construction over destruction, building and progress over obsession and defeat.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

So see you in the next video where we’ll cover the Foundation of Powerbatics, and if you want to start training, click any of the links, and we’ll see you soon.

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