You found the Secret Haramaki Core Strength Course!


Handstands and Acrobatics can be difficult, but 1 Key Fact is that a Strong Core greatly improves a person's success!


Maybe you have already tried our Handstand to Airtracks Course, or found our Secret 1-Hand Handstand Course.  Perhaps the shoulders were very tight and it was difficult to straighten out.  Maybe the wrists felt some pain as the weight increased.  Sometimes the back will hurt because of too much arch through which weakness of the core is exposed.


What we need to do now is build your Suit of Armor!


The first piece of armor is what I call the Haramaki.  This word derives from the piece of armor the Japanese Samurai wore to protect vital organs of his torso.  We must realize that all athletic movement begins with the core…and the muscular structure of the core is what I refer to as the Haramaki.  We need to build this.  The Haramaki is a matrix of muscle that stretches around the torso like saran wrap with no direct contact with any bone except for at the very edges.  It protects and supports the vital organs and the spine through every single type of static and ballistic movement.  Once we build this, we will continue constructing the rest of your suit of armor so that you can release your inherent superpowers.  Every tendon, ligament, and muscle fiber will be adapted to perform with explosive strength and power.


Without further adieu, here is the Secret Haramaki Core Strength Course:


Coach Lee 🙂


The 6 Essential Strength Moves everyone should know!

No equipment needed!

I will personally coach you through this 6 Module Course from Beginner to Airflares!

 No equipment required!



12 Weeks of Training!

10 Levels of Development!

60 Progressions of Transformation!

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"Having hit middle age, my body was not capable of doing what I wanted it to do.  I needed a change from the regular gym routine and had always wished I had trained in gymnastics and calisthenics as a kid.  Upon deciding that it was now or never, I have been training with Coach Lee for just over half a year.


In that time I've seen massive improvements in strength, flexibility and mobility...and I've had a ton of fun doing so.

Coach Lee has developed a series of progressive systems that works!

Now I train for skills not strength...knowing that the strength will naturally follow.  Now I no longer worry about hitting targets, but rather focus on stretching my limits of what's possible.  Now I no longer I play it safe by playing to my strengths, but rather address my weaknesses to improve my overall performance.

Coach Lee and his team at Pacific Rim Athletics have been the fitness solution I've been looking for."

- Ryan Moynagh


Take the 6 Strength Moves to New Heights!

Calisthenics, Powermoves, Tumbling, Parkour, Cirque

I will help you complete individualized training plans to master any discipline!

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Calisthenics 10 Levels

Powermoves 10 Levels

Tumbling 10 Levels

Parkour 10 Levels

Cirque 10 Levels

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Working with him has been an invaluable asset!

The way he incorporates his expertise in many fields such as nutrition, movement, gymnastics, neuroplasticity, martial arts, and philosophy make him a one of him a one of a kind transformational individual. Hands down I would recommend him any day.

The more I work with him the more I learned about his passion and the powerful reasons for his work!! As a physician, I also view Lee as an expert that I would consult any days in his areas of expertise that relate to health!! Thank you, Lee, for all that you do!!"

- Dr. Andres Zuleta


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- Micha

Grandmaster Lee