How To Train GYMNASTICS In Anchorage, Eagle River, and Wasilla, Alaska


Take everything you think about gymnastics…and throw it away!

If you’re in Anchorage, Eagle River, or Wasilla, Alaska, you’ve got a WHOLE NEW UNIVERSE of gymnastics–i.e. acrobatic Bodyweight Strength & Skill–that’s right in your backyard.


It’s not only possible to achieve ELITE levels of strength and skill and absolutely master ANY discipline of movement you want here in Alaska, but it is also AWESOME for your lifelong health…and AMAZINGLY CREATIVE & INSPIRING in ways you might not have ever realized.

You see, gymnastics is actually UNDER the Umbrella of Bodyweight Strength & Skill, an umbrella which includes everything from dance to martial arts to track & field to all human movement including knowing your rights and lefts.

And gymnastics itself even has more than is often known, such as Acrobatics and Power Tumbling.

And students at Pacific Rim Athletics, for example, take advantage of the positive environment, relationships, and system to learn each and every detail of the disciplines of movement that they enjoy the most.

As another example, Coach Lee will use Russian track and field based plyometrics and punching drills for developing height for his tumbling students.

And still another example of the NEW WAY, Cirque Du Soleil casts professional athletes from a PLETHORA of other modalities, including the 5 we teach:

  • Aerial Arts
  • Calisthenics
  • Powermoves
  • Power Tumbling (up to Elite Level competition)
  • Handbalancing & Partner Acrobatics (which also goes up to Elite Level competition)

    (What’s cool is you don’t have to sacrifice 20-30 hours per week and your lifelong health to get really good.)

But your or your kids’ success–and fun–will depend on a couple factors:

  • The places you train, the overall cleanliness of the environment (who wants to get sick after training at a dirty gym?), and the equipment.
  • Your training methods, progressions, and safe system for advancement.
  • Your community of peers and Coaches you train with.
  • And what you decide to compete, perform, or learn: Power Tumbling, Acrobatics (or so many other unique and creative possibilities).

Our team at Pacific Rim Athletics has created this EMPOWERING GUIDE for you to navigate the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How of training Gymnastics–and ALL Bodyweight Strength & Skill–in Anchorage or greater Alaska.

The group acrobatics team from Pacific Rim Athletics in Eagle River, Alaska competing at the international WOGA event.

5 WAYS TO MASTER GYMNASTICS, i.e. Bodyweight Strength & Skill…IN ANCHORAGE, AK


Acrobatic bodyweight training is for EVERYONE. It is for all ages, genders, and levels.



You gain a lot of other really incredible benefits as well because the conditioning is second-to-none in its rigor.

Your aerial awareness increases.

Your core becomes rock solid.

And your shoulders, hips, and spine will be the healthiest ever.

If you do it right.

And choose the right type of competition.

Currently, Pacific Rim Athletics has two forms of competition: Power Tumbling & Acrobatic Gymnastics (we have relationships with the National Team Coaches in both as well).

Here’s Clayton destroying this double back flip as he represents Pacific Rim Athletics.
Here’s the acrobatic gymnastics of Pacific Rim Athletics earning medals.
And here’s a couple of the guys from Pacific Rim Athletics rocking their medals in power tumbling.

But it is NOT all about Competition…


Consider the fact that there are ENTIRE COUNTRIES who have some of the BEST GYMNASTICS ATHLETES in the world…BUT are NOT doing gymnastics!!!

Like Mongolia, which does pretty much EVERYTHING EXCEPT typical gymnastics.

And, unlike most parts of the world where gymnasts have to remain amateur, without pay, forced to train and compete for free (or on their own dime) for decades, and risking their health trying to get to the top levels (more akin to Roman gladiator slaves…just playing, but for real though haha)…

Mongolia’s CIRCUS industry is their national pride, where athletes can become professional and earn an income and build a life (doesn’t that sound nice?!?).

This unorthodox approach provides unparalleled paths toward success and SELF-ESTEEM.

It will not nor never shall be the “cookie-cutter,” “traditional,” or largely ineffectual methods employed by the mainstream that provoke change, progress, and transformation.

It will also take original, outside-the-box thinking, the same as Silicon Valley, the industrialists of the 1900’s, and the nutritionists creating the next best ionized whey protein isolate.

Just watch this video as another example.

HOW TO MASTER GYMNASTICS (and all Bodyweight Strength & Skill)

THE FIRST AND MOST IMPORTANT THING is to remember that people will try to make you fit into THEIR box…if they can.

But you don’t have to be confined to a box.

Here’s Clayton destroying the box.

You can become whatever kind of SUPERHERO you want to be.

Want to COMPETE in Power Tumbling?

Let’s rock and roll, like Isabel here!

Want to COMPETE in Acrobatic Gymnastics?

Let’s get you on the Team.

Want to PERFORM in a creative way totally unique to you?

Start branching out into Parkour, Tricking, Handbalancing, and Aerial Arts, like Georgia here.

Or want to SPECIALIZE in strength and powermoves, like Sean here crushing it?

And Coach Lee’s personal favorite:

Want LEARN and GROW just for the fun and health of it?

We’re definitely speaking the same language.

So HOW do you do it? How do you master all forms of Bodyweight Strength & Skill?

THE #1 KEY is a combination of a SYSTEM & COACHING.

As an example, at Pacific Rim Athletics, a 10 Level System is used for all strength and skill training.

Pacific Rim Athletics also has 5 Styles.

  • Calisthenics (rings and high bar strength known as Ninja Strength).
  • Powermoves (similar to pommel horse but on floor) showcasing flares & airflares.
  • Cirque (aerial silks, hoop, and straps, plus every skill you can think of).
  • Tumbling & Parkour (every flip in the book, every vault in the book, and every element imaginable; it is not confined to any set of “mats” or “setup”. However, Power Tumbling is a 120 foot fiberglass rod floor you’ll see at Pacific Rim Athletics designed specifically for competition).
  • Handstand (which turns into pair and group Acrobatic Gymnastics).

Here’s how the SYSTEM LOOKS:

  • 8-16 weeks per Level (at 2+ days per week of training)
  • 3+ years to Mastery in any discipline (provided you are training hard and maintaining your nutrition while away from the gym)

And this takes you up to double and triple flips in tumbling (not just twists, but yes, triple flips).

It takes you to 1 arm pullups and 1 arm handstands.

And every other skill there is.

Like Braxton, who does a 2-step run Double Front Flip from a raised surface in this incredible, creative performance.

Or Alyssa who’s working on a Full-In-Back-Out (advanced tumbling):

Or implementing those tumbling skills in “flow”:

Or Isabel who’s on her way to INSANE LEVELS of tumbling through proper training.


For example, you can listen in to Coach Lee as he helps Ben with a double- twisting-double-back (the same flip Simone Biles competes).


You might be missing out if you’re not already doing Bodyweight Strength & Skill, especially if you live nearby here in Alaska.

And The Sky’s The Limit when it comes to what you can accomplish and achieve.

No matter your age, level, or background, you can compete, perform, or just learn and get REALLY GOOD when you have the right community, place to train, system, and coaching…and if you like thinking outside the box.

So, if you want to take your Bodyweight Strength & Skill training to a whole new level, then work with a team of expert coaches who care about YOU in a community that’s rooting for YOU to win in whatever shape of unique creativity it appears!

See you soon!