Top 10 Best Bodyweight Strength Exercises

To some, these might seem “advanced.” To others, they are basics. What are they really? How you’re designed to move for lifelong health and strength. So watch this to learn what they are. Do you want to build Total Body Mastery to do these…and more??? If you do, click below and book a free spot […]

Busy Parents: 5 Fitness Strategies

Having children changes things! Watch this quick 5 min. video to learn 5 strategies that you can immediately implement starting today, no matter in school, college, demanding career, or X number of children. Want the absolute best, fastest, and most efficient training for your life and family? If you do, click below to book your […]

Exactly 1:43 of powerful bodyweight strength & skill

These are a collection of skills from performances by students of Pacific Rim Athletics. They’re demonstrating a variety of levels of Powerbatics’ bodyweight strength and skill, from beginner to elite. Do you want to have powerful bodyweight strength and skill? If so, click below to book your Free Mastery Session today 👇👇👇 GYM ONLINE

How To Escape Gravity: Elite Bodyweight Training

Like most things in life, the story of Icarus is not what it appears. Do you want to “escape gravity”? And build Elite Bodyweight Strength & Skill? If you do — Book a spot with me and my Team to see how we can help you do exactly that. GYM ONLINE

The 3 Components of COMPLETE Strength

If you apply these 3 components to your training, you will go to the moon. And you’ll have sustainable health, strength, and skill for life. Ready? Book a spot to get started… GYM ONLINE

The 1 System To TOTALLY Master Bodyweight Strength & Skill

In this video, I’ll show you the 5 Elements of Powerbatics and how we use it to totally master bodyweight strength and skill. Do you want to master your body, mind, strength, flexibility, and skill? If you do, book a spot now… GYM ONLINE

How To MASTER Bodyweight Strength & Skill ONLINE (or at HQ)

The training WORKS…for EVERYONE, kids, teens, busy parents, professional Men, and career Women. Powerbatics’ Bodyweight Strength & Skill will take you to a whole New Level. Just like Vennie here who definitively proves it by going to Level 10 on his 2nd “Bar Exam.” He’s a busy man. Works as an Attorney. Has a wife. […]

How To Train GYMNASTICS In Anchorage, Eagle River, and Wasilla, Alaska

  Take everything you think about gymnastics…and throw it away! If you’re in Anchorage, Eagle River, or Wasilla, Alaska, you’ve got a WHOLE NEW UNIVERSE of gymnastics–i.e. acrobatic Bodyweight Strength & Skill–that’s right in your backyard. THE NEW WAY: “POWERBATICS” It’s not only possible to achieve ELITE levels of strength and skill and absolutely master […]

How To Train AERIAL SILKS In Anchorage, Eagle River, and Wasilla, Alaska

Sometimes it can seem impossible to find a good Aerial Arts (or creative acrobatics) training spot in Anchorage! It can actually be quite difficult to do a lot of things in Alaska (especially during the cold season). But is it possible to master the Aerial Silks in Anchorage, Wasilla, or Eagle River–and get REALLY GOOD, […]