(not too late) 2021 Guide: Total Bodyweight Strength (10 rules)

For real, if you want to master your body, health, and strength, then watch this video–in it’s entirety. If you don’t, you may end up stuck, injured, or frustrated. If you do, then you will be on your way to the greatest strength, flexibility, and movement of your life. Want to take your training to […]

The ULTIMATE bodyweight strength & skills Training & Competition

IMPORTANT: Watch the FULL video above (you’ll miss out if you don’t). If you want to truly master your body, this is the training (no hyperbole). And to push beyond where you ever thought possible, this is the competition–the ultimate competition for bodyweight strength and skill: Powerbatics… Which combines Aerial Arts, Freerunning, Powermoves, Calisthenics, and […]

Top 10 calisthenics to build muscle [BEST principles bodyweight strength]

Watch the video above. If you don’t, you may end up getting stuck, frustrated, or injured. Or misled and misinformed by the countless fit-celebs and fake-gurus peddling God knows what. If you do watch the video above, you’ll learn how to build TRUE muscle. You’ll learn how to master your own bodyweight with Valiant Level […]

8 BEST bodyweight exercises…

These 8 strength skills are the ABSOLUTE best bodyweight exercises to train, for flexibility, strength, and mobility, so get ready to transform your body. If you can’t do these 8 exercises, then you might be at risk for chronic or catastrophic joint issues. We’ve all been there, so you’re not alone, but you definitely need […]

Conquer bodyweight strength…and any race in life! [OCR & Obstacle Course Racing]

If you want to overcome all obstacles… From Spartan to Ironman to Ninja Warrior to OCR Obstacle Course Racing… To all areas of life (fix past injuries, prevent new ones, and maximize your potential)… Watch this video. I’ll break down the exact blueprint for taking your training to the next level, from mobility to strength […]

3 Obstacles to EPIC Bodyweight Strength

This video will show you the 3 Biggest Obstacles to achieving Epic Bodyweight Strength. If you don’t watch this video, then you may end up with injuries, feeling stuck, or giving up entirely. But if you watch this video, I’ll show you how to defeat these 3 obstacles…for good…so you can have EPIC Bodyweight Strength! […]

Unlock TOTAL Bodyweight Strength: 5 Keys

These are the 5 mindsets that have been the keys that unlocked the doors of bodyweight strength transformation for me and all my students…from pre-beginner to crazy advanced. Some of them will be no-brainers and some will be a little less obvious. What I can say for sure, if you apply these mindsets into your […]

The Perfect Muscle Up: 3 Keys

Muscle Ups are basic pulling and pushing strength for Powerbatics in Pacific Rim Athletics. Watch this video to find out how they’re possible, and why they’re relevant for you and your lifelong health. Want Pullups, Dips, and Muscle Ups to be basic for you…plus more? If so, click below and book a free spot with […]

Sleep Type: How to train bodyweight strength according to your chronotype

Sleep is critical to your success in any area of life…and it begins with your physical training. Which sleep type are you? And how does it affect your physical training and lifelong health? Want to take your training to the Next Level? If so, click below and book a free spot with us now 👇👇👇 […]

These 3 Words DESTROY Bodyweight Strength & Skill

My students know what I’m about to say… And these words really will mess up all the goals you’re working towards. Watch this video so you don’t fail…but rather WIN! Do you want to win at your Strength & Skills Goals??? If you do, click below and book a free spot with us now 👇👇👇 […]