1 Move to Change Your Life [Powerbatics, Press Handstand]

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The press handstand.

This is your first basic in pushing strength.

Without anything or anyone else.

No equipment.

No tools.

No apparatus.

It is you vs. the earth.

Or, really, you vs. yourself.

Lifting your entire body up over your head.

While simultaneously pushing the earth away from you.

To some, it’s a lifelong goal in their bucket list of things they’d like to do.

In Powerbatics Foundation, it is 1 of the 3 basics.

Kids, Teens, serious adults should all be able to do this.

And to get to this point, you need several key elements.

And no, this is not a substitute for coaching, but understanding this will definitely jumpstart your training once you are connected with coaching and a community.

Now before we begin, why is the Press Handstand the 1st Basic, and so vitally important to not only your lifelong health, but also your overall strength and skill?

Well, it’s the most basic shape of any skill.

I mean, just walking on your feet is an upside down handstand.

And a handstand is the shape used in everything from a human flag, to a spin around the high bar, to a back handspring, and beyond.

And if you’re able to do these, imagine the strength of your core as opposed to those who cannot…who’s going to have the more protected spine and better lifelong health and quality of life?

So to start, the first element you’ll need is a healthy body composition to gain the strength to weight ratio.

No, you don’t need to be absolutely chiseled, but you do need enough muscle to move the rest of your skeleton and all other connected parts.

The second element is that you’ll need to develop your core more than most other trainings would achieve.

As already mentioned, it will protect your spine and do wonders for how you feel.

In fact, the majority of the population walks around with a core that is all but atrophied.

Helping give rise to the 80% of the population with back pain.

So you’ll need to start there.

Your transversus abdominis is crucial.

As is flexibility in your lower back.

And strength in your medial glutes.

Plus flexibility in your hamstrings.

As well as strength throughout your entire upper body.

The third element is one without which a person will never achieve this basic feat of strength.

You need the right mindset.

It includes setting a long-term goal.

And that involves building patience, discipline, and focus.

And then using a proven system to attain that goal.

Along with being open to seeing your blindspots and accepting feedback to build your weak links.

And then, you build your first basic of upper body pushing strength of Powerbatics Foundation.

The Press Handstand.

Which opens the door to a whole new universe of strength and skill.

Which will continue discussing in the next video on the 2nd basic of Powerbatics Foundation, the V Stand, and if you want to start training, click any of the links, and we’ll see you soon.

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