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Master the 5 Systems!
Calisthenics, Powermoves, Parkour, Cirque, Jiu Jitsu

500+ Video Demonstrations

 Full 1 hour classes from our Gym every week!

CLEAR progressions from one level to the next!

EXACT Requirements for Every Level!

SPECIFIC Sets, Reps, and Times!

OVERCOME plateaus!

GAIN Strength!

LEARN Skill!

Detailed Training Plans for Mastering the 5 Systems!

 BONUS:  FREE!  Our Body Armor Course

Includes detailed progressions for learning each move:

1. Planche

2. Handstand Pushup

3. L Sit to V Stand Press

4.  Front & Back Walkovers

5. Straddle Press Handstand

6. Full Middle Splits & Leg Strength

"Having hit middle age, my body was not capable of doing what I wanted it to do.  I needed a change from the regular gym routine and had always wished I had trained in gymnastics and calisthenics as a kid.  Upon deciding that it was now or never, I have been training with Coach Lee for just over half a year.


In that time I've seen massive improvements in strength, flexibility and mobility...and I've had a ton of fun doing so.

Coach Lee has developed a series of progressive systems that works!

Now I train for skills not strength...knowing that the strength will naturally follow.  Now I no longer worry about hitting targets, but rather focus on stretching my limits of what's possible.  Now I no longer I play it safe by playing to my strengths, but rather address my weaknesses to improve my overall performance.

Coach Lee and his team at Pacific Rim Athletics have been the fitness solution I've been looking for."

- Ryan Moynagh





(less than 1 year of Pro Member)
Worth over 2 years at our gym: $3,600

Yours for life!

No monthly fees...ever!!!

It's all yours...forever.  Including every update.

What do you get?

10 Levels of Training for EACH:

Calisthenics:  every static hold and strength move you can think of

Tumbling & Parkour:  from basic rolls to double flips

Powermoves:  every technique and combo

Cirque:  silks, straps, and lyra hoop training

Jiu Jitsu:  coming soon

That's 50 levels of training you can use for maximizing student retention, building a gym, or your own personal gains!

BONUSFREE!  Our Power Tumble Workout

Includes progressions all the way to Double Backflip

"Lee is an outstanding coach, expert, mentor, and ignitor of change.

Working with him has been an invaluable asset!

The way he incorporates his expertise in many fields such as nutrition, movement, gymnastics, neuroplasticity, martial arts, and philosophy make him a one of him a one of a kind transformational individual. Hands down I would recommend him any day.

The more I work with him the more I learned about his passion and the powerful reasons for his work!! As a physician, I also view Lee as an expert that I would consult any days in his areas of expertise that relate to health!! Thank you, Lee, for all that you do!!

- Dr. Andres Zuleta




per month for 3 month course

(less than 1 semester in college)
Worth more than a college degree:  $100k

Master the 5 Systems, then start your own Program, Gym, or Academy!

Learn the SYSTEM that works.

This is the course I use with my trainers & coaches!



12 Weeks of Live Coaching from Lee

16 Modules of Business Training

8 Modules of Mental Training

50 Levels of Physical Training

All of "Master the 5 Systems"

100-page Textbook:  "Build Your Empire"

Choose from:

Homeschool Revolution
Athlete to Entrepreneur

Reconstructing Lives


Learn the SYSTEM that works.

Build a profitable online business or gym.
Get all of the information I wished I knew before opening my gym, and how I built those systems from scratch in a few months.

Apprentice in a totally unique way.

"Lee is an amazing coach and I am so excited to see he's offering training courses online!"

- Sarah

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